One- and Two-Handed Kettlebell Swings Technique, Error Analysis


What muscles work when swinging a kettlebell? Swinging or swinging with kettlebells is a multifunctional exercise that engages a large number of muscles and joints, develops endurance and strength. Thus, kettlebell swings will help you burn fat, while doing many repetitions and at maximum speed, that is, for a while. In the first half of the range of motion, they work the quadriceps of the thigh and buttocks, helping to push […]

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Kettlebell snatch – correct execution technique

zashaguvanie na skamyu

Dumbbell pull technique [edit | edit code] The snatch can be included in the classic biathlon program alongside the clean and jerk (for men) or it can be presented as a separate competitive exercise for women. A snatch, as opposed to a pull, is performed with a kettlebell for 10 minutes with each hand per turn. When performing a snatch, only one change of hands is allowed. When performing a snatch, the […]

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The most effective workouts after 40 years for men, how to develop without harm to health?


Postage stamp from Russia kettlebell on a silver coin from the USSR with a denomination of 10 rubles, issued for the   Olympics-80 kettlebell lifting It is a cyclical power sport, which is based on lifting weights as many times as possible in a given period of time in a standing position. The international governing body is the International Union of Russian Weightlifting [1], which brings together 56 national federations (by 2020). The […]

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How To Correctly Perform Kegel Exercises At Home For Men?

uprazhnenie perevorot

Kegel exercises for men at home appeared as a result of the experiments of an American-born physician, who gave the set of exercises its name. It was originally developed for women who, after giving birth, had problems urinating and muscle laxity. Subsequently, the effectiveness of exercise was tested and proven in men. Today, gymnastics is used for the following problems: prostatitis, the risk of hemorrhoids after surgery, trouble urinating fecal incontinence erection […]

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Daily Calorie Intake Calculator for Women.

nabrat myshechnuyu massu 2

In fact, for each person there is a level of kcal consumption. So, for example, men have to expend much more physical force per day, so they have to eat more. Children also need more calories during their active growth and development period for normal physical activity. But for the female body, the calorie intake is completely different and the older a woman gets, the less kcal per day her body needs for […]

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How to start the first day of weight loss for a woman over 30 years old?


Maintaining a normal weight is a guarantee not only of beauty, but also of the health of our body. It is time to abandon the practice of losing weight during the summer or on vacation and aim for a healthy long-term lifestyle (HLS) and proper nutrition (PP). Healthy culinary habits, along with physical activity, will help you stay in great shape for many years to come, regardless of age. For starters, you […]

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Transport of a patient with damage to the thoracic spine.


Not many can boast of good posture, most hunch over, inadvertently. But this does not mean that we should leave everything as it is. You need to make an effort, as it will not be possible to correct your posture quickly, for example, in a week. Ways to achieve the result: Muscle-strengthening bands or corsets  that support the back and pull the shoulders back, preventing slouching. It is worn under clothing, it is pleasant to […]

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Fasting to lose weight at home: correct fasting in water, reviews and results

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General information For those looking to feel more vigorous and healthy, as well as shed the extra pounds, modern physicians and supporters of alternative medicine offer many different methods. One of them is  the water fast  , also called a wet fast. Lack of water is a process in which a person refuses to consume any food for a long time, but at the same time drinks water in unlimited quantities. Controversy still exists […]

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How to eliminate back fat in women at home.


Being overweight is a common problem. Fatty tissue is often deposited on the thighs, abdomen, and back. This leads to the appearance of complexes. It is more difficult for a woman to appear on the beach, wear bathing suits, open dresses. It is possible to eliminate back fat even if a certain type of figure has its accumulation in this part. To improve the body, to lose weight, a whole series of measures are needed. […]

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How to give up sweets: recommendations for those with a sweet tooth

psihologiya dlya pohudeniya ili kak navsegda otkazatsya ot sladkogo i

Psychologists are very often faced with the problem of food addiction. When the question arises of how to give up sweet and starchy foods, the psychology of weight loss will help you find a way out. You can cope with addiction, overeating, being overweight if you find the right approach and determine the reasons for this behavior. Why are sweet and starchy foods harmful? The dangers of refined sugar and starchy foods […]

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