How to lose weight is simple: with and without fitness. Calorie deficit and flexible diet theory

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This equation is what I call the “big calorie fallacy.” It is dangerous precisely because it seems simple and somewhat intuitive. The important thing is that there are a number of misconceptions behind such a simple example. Misconception No. 1: calories consumed and expended are independent. This assumption is a big mistake. As we will see later in this chapter, experiments and experiments have shown this claim to be false. Calorie intake and calorie intake […]

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Water to lose weight: when, how much and what type of water to drink

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When all the known diets have been tried, but the desired result has not been achieved, you can try the world famous method on yourself that will help you lose weight and also cleanse the body. This method was proposed by the American naturopath Paul Bragg. Fasting is, according to the author, the key to body health and rapid weight loss. Paul Bragg promoted the use of his own method for health purposes […]

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How a man can lose belly fat: nutrition, exercise, lifestyle

primer raciona dlya pohudeniya

Surgery to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen and sides is considered a well-known and popular method to lose excess weight in a short time. Restrictions, sports and diets are a very long way to lose weight, they take time and stamina. Most males cannot withstand such a severe regimen. In this article, we will look at all the methods to treat abdominal fat in men. Here you will read about all […]

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What is an eating disorder (ED)?

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Progressive age dictates a series of principles to a person, placing them in new conditions: the desire to look perfect to get what they want, the curious go crazy for the availability, the abundance of food, the pace of life of busy people . erase the fact that you recently had a meal out of your head. The list may be long, but the bottom line is that the listed factors introduce […]

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Ricotta – what is it?

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A Hicotta is one of the oldest types of milk-based soft cheese, appearing long before the usual hard varieties. Although ricotta tastes a bit like cottage cheese, its denser texture allows it to be used in a variety of dishes. In particular, ricotta is used as a main ingredient in cheesecakes and other desserts (although the amount of sugar used in the recipe may exceed the amount of ricotta). Next, in the material, […]

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Tips to help you get rid of ugly stretch marks at home

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Let’s talk about the recipes for the best scrubs for stretch marks, how they work, and which ingredients are the most effective. The woman in all ages was considered the personification of beauty. It’s no wonder that every woman strives to look perfect. The ladies are ready to go to any procedure to become the owners of a slim figure and velvety skin. But sadly, many of them forget about the home […]

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The best training programs to burn fat

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Effective fitness classes can be group or individual. While losing weight with other people, the athlete gains additional motivation, striving to surpass the successes of his classmates. But when you exercise alone with a fitness instructor, more attention is paid to a person and the training program is adjusted to their physiological characteristics and the goal that has been set. By understanding the particularities of group training, the athlete will be able […]

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Dance fitness to lose weight: benefits and types of dance


Many people want to lose weight, but not everyone likes boring exercise machines or long runs. It’s so much easier to say goodbye to the kilograms in a fun, upbeat rhythm of dance and aerobics. You can do it both in a group in the hallway and on your own at home. In addition, aerobic dance develops the flexibility of the body, makes it more elegant and strengthens the muscles. A minimum of […]

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Yoga poses are not neutral. All classic asanas have a spiritual meaning


Sports and psychology are very closely linked. Angry with the whole world? Try some yoga poses to help you calm down. Without a doubt, the benefits of these exercises are enormous. Yoga can help you deal with a variety of mental and physical problems. If you do not have the best day and need to breathe steam, yoga can help you calm down. Doing the right posture can help reduce stress and tension, as well […]

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Home aerobics for beginners: set of exercises to burn fat

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Every girl at least once in her life thought about losing weight. There really are many ways to lose those extra pounds today. If you’ve tried different diets, jogging, gym workouts, and all else fails, it’s time to give aerobics a try! This sporty direction will help you quickly get rid of hated kilograms, as well as remove a few inches from problem areas. Beginner aerobics at home are a great way to […]

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