Daily Calorie Intake Calculator for Women.

In fact, for each person there is a level of kcal consumption. So, for example, men have to expend much more physical force per day, so they have to eat more. Children also need more calories during their active growth and development period for normal physical activity. But for the female body, the calorie intake is completely different and the older a woman gets, the less kcal per day her body needs for optimal well-being. But, here it is also necessary to calculate the level of activity, because, for example, for professional athletes and fans of a sports lifestyle, the level of kcal entering the body should be slightly higher. In the featured review, we will take a closer look at what calories are,

General information

Everyone eats to maintain their vital activity. Any food consumed contains a certain set of useful vitamins and minerals, but also contains a certain level of calories. The exclusion list includes only certain types of beverages that do not retain calories.

Keep in mind that calorie content represents a certain amount of energy that is released in the human body when food is consumed.

Therefore, the measure of energy in J and kJ, familiar to all from the physics course, is converted into calories to denote the energy received by food. For more convenient calculations, 1 kJ equals approximately 4,186 kcal.

Energy is necessary for the human body to carry out all the processes of life, without it a person cannot even move. Even during sleep, the body’s work does not stop and continues to consume energy in the process of functioning.

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Please note: the average daily calorie intake for women should not be less than 1200 kcal. Although the caloric intake is different for each person, its value can range between 1200 and 4500 and even 5000 kcal.

When calculating the calorie rate, a lot depends on a person’s age, physical activity, gender, and climatic living conditions. Many people don’t even think about what can happen if they eat more high-calorie foods every day. That is why there are so many overweight and obese people on earth. After all, all the energy not expended by the body, obtained from the products consumed, is transformed into fatty deposits in the most problem areas of the body. But, even with the lack of a certain amount of calories, the human body also begins to show negative reactions, as a result of which a feeling of lethargy and excessive irritability develops.


Calorie content is not an indicator of healthy food

Each product has its own caloric content, however, there is no direct relationship between its caloric content and its usefulness. In other words, it is not necessary for a woman to eat a precisely calculated daily caloric intake to maintain a healthy body. The most important thing is that a woman’s nutrition is optimal and balanced.

calorie intake per day for a woman to lose weight

When planning a meal schedule, it is necessary to take into account the energy value of each product, but it is even more important to take into account its composition. Only a balanced and balanced diet will support your health in optimal condition and maintain a slim figure.

Expert opinion

Smirnov Victor Petrovich  Nutritionist, Samara

Typically, the biggest challenge for dietitians when calculating daily calories for different groups of patients who want to lose weight (or maintain their weight) is determining the level of physical activity. These values ​​are the most variable and the result can be a discrepancy between the daily calorie values ​​if calculated roughly. For this reason, in calorie calculators, the type of activity has a long list, and in some cases you have to calculate the calorie rate not based on the daily calorie intake, but by counting the activities over several days, up to a week . The most responsible dietitians use a daily activity diary as simple as doing this. At the end of the day, the calorie consumption readings are added together and the arithmetic average is usually displayed.

In any case, when applying calorie calculation formulas, one should not forget such important components as fiber, liquid in terms of pure water and vitamins. These substances have no caloric value and are not used as a result of plastic metabolism. However, it is they that allow the body to carry out numerous metabolic processes, while remaining within the limits of health.

Lose weight with comfort

Aiming for optimal and easy weight loss of up to 400g in a week, a woman’s daily calorie intake for weight loss should be less than the daily calorie intake (calculated above using any of the proposed methods) in 20%. Remember that for optimal performance and function, the caloric content should be kept at a level of at least 1600 kcal.

caloric intake per day for a 40-year-old woman

Calculating the nutritional value of ready meals is extremely difficult – you must have a special kitchen scale. It is important not to forget that the energy value of prepared meals differs from the caloric content of the products with which they were prepared. This fact is explained by the absorption of fats and water by food.

Why does everyone need to know the calorie rate?

Many girls dream of getting rid of excess weight, at least a few kilograms. But, for effective weight loss, first of all, you need to correctly calculate the daily calorie intake. And most importantly, when losing weight, “don’t go too far”, because the human body is capable of spontaneously accumulating energy reserves and, consequently, fat.

There are those who drastically reduce the amount of calories consumed to lose weight, but the result of such actions is to burn completely not what they would like. Muscle masses begin to hide before our eyes, but the hated fat remains.

When it comes to health, it is not the quantity of high-calorie foods that should stand out, but the conformity of their quality. Therefore, when drawing up a daily diet for weight loss, you need to be careful in the choice of products, which must contain the correct ratio:

  • grease;
  •  carbohydrates
  • proteins.

It is important to bear in mind that fats are the highest calorie component, therefore, they should be consumed less, especially when losing weight, but it is not recommended to eliminate them completely from the diet.

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To learn how to better understand nutrition and how best to choose an effective weight loss strategy, it is recommended to read John Biff’s exclusive book, “Stop Counting Calories.” The author clearly explains how to reduce weight correctly, being in harmony with your body.

Why is it recommended to determine your daily rate?

Without energy, a person is unlikely to be able to make a single move. But at the same time, many are trying to lose those extra pounds. To get a positive result and lose weight, you need to start by calculating the individual rate per day. To do this, you can use various formulas, or you can’t bother one more time and use our previously presented calculator.

But it should be understood that it is not only the quantity that is important. When choosing a weight loss strategy, you need to pay special attention to quality. In fact, when choosing food, it is necessary to take into account not only how many calories it contains, but also what is the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that it contains. It is not recommended to completely eliminate one of these components from the diet.

The average daily calorie intake for the female body.

Today, the majority of the female population has a general idea of ​​how many calories to consume per day. The daily kcal intake for women between 18 and 32 years old ranges from 2000 kcal, but if a woman leads a sports lifestyle, the body’s need for calories increases several times.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who are over 32 years old are recommended to consume slightly less calorie-rich food, therefore the daily calorie intake for a woman when losing weight should not exceed 1800 kcal.

With an active lifestyle at any age, energy costs increase, therefore calorie consumption should be increased by approximately 200 units. For women over the age of 50 to 55, the required amount of calories should not exceed 1600 units per day.

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