Dance fitness to lose weight: benefits and types of dance

Many people want to lose weight, but not everyone likes boring exercise machines or long runs. It’s so much easier to say goodbye to the kilograms in a fun, upbeat rhythm of dance and aerobics. You can do it both in a group in the hallway and on your own at home. In addition, aerobic dance develops the flexibility of the body, makes it more elegant and strengthens the muscles. A minimum of conditions are required, but you can get the maximum result.

Slimming benefits

Aerobic dance was developed by the American Jackie Sorensen in the 70s of the 20th century. He then popularized the Jane Fonda exercise set. A book was published and then video tutorials.

Initially, the aerobic exercise complex was developed in the 1960s for the military to train and maintain their cardiovascular system. The word itself means “to use oxygen.” In addition, the exercises are effective in improving posture and mastering your own coordination of movements. Like all good things, aerobics went to the masses.

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Dance classes consist of intense exercise that burns calories. As a result, the person begins to lose weight. In addition, by doing aerobics regularly, you increase the elasticity of the body and muscles, become more flexible, and improve the condition of the joints.

During exercise, an active supply of oxygen to the body and tissues begins. He, in turn, participates in the removal of lipids from fat cells and their consumption as energy. Aerobic exercise promotes calcium production, which leads to stronger bones. Exercise requires a lot of oxygen, so lung capacity increases. It becomes much easier to breathe.

Classes are a good prevention of heart disease, atherosclerosis. And aerobics also relieve stress, which also has a positive effect on general well-being and human health.

We recommend reading about the Zumba dance to lose weight. You will learn about the characteristics of Zumba to lose weight, indications and contraindications for dancing, recommendations for beginners. And here is more information on exercise for weight loss.

The main directions of aerobics for weight loss.

Aerobics for weight loss, when used scientifically, can bring many benefits to your body. However, throughout its half-century development history, it was divided into many subspecies, among which you can choose the direction that is necessary for you.

Aerobic exercises to lose weight

One of the trendiest areas of aerobics. Almost all step aerobic exercises help you lose weight by burning subcutaneous fat.

Exercises are performed on a special platform in the form of several steps on and off it, as well as jumps and other movements.

In addition to the effect of weight loss, step aerobic exercises help fight arthritis, strengthen muscles, and prevent osteoporosis. There are exercises for post-traumatic joint recovery.

Dance aerobics to lose weight.

It is a set of exercises performed with musical accompaniment. This direction attracts by the fact that, in addition to its effectiveness, it is also very interesting. Aerobic dance classes do not require any auxiliary equipment. You don’t even need a mat as this set does not contain sitting or lying exercises.

When it comes to burning calories, aerobic dance is very effective as it uses special dance moves in a continuous mode. These exercises are best for strengthening the lower body, particularly the buttocks, abs, and legs, and help improve posture and normalize the cardiovascular system. Depending on the movements used, the rhythm and the style of music, several subspecies of dance aerobics are distinguished: Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock-n-Roll, Latin, etc.

Water aerobics for weight loss

Water aerobics are ideal for people with a weakened cardiovascular system

It is very popular among people who have to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Its main characteristic is that the body is suspended in water and exercises that involve almost all muscle groups can be performed. Water aerobics are great for people with a weakened cardiovascular system.

It favors the harmonious development of the muscular corset and improves the mobility of various joints. Water aerobics are very effective for weight loss. The point is that you have to expend additional energy to overcome the resistance of the water during exercise, as well as to warm your own body, since the temperature of the water in the pool is much lower than the temperature of the human body.

Slimming aerobics slide

A modern form of aerobics in which the exercises are performed on a special slippery mat. It allows you to perform not only longitudinal, but also lateral movements, thanks to which the inner and outer sides of the thighs are well trained. This feature of slide aerobics is the best option for women who want to get rid of fat deposits on the hips and waist.

Slimming pump aerobics

This is a special type of aerobics that includes elements of bodybuilding. When performing exercises, various weight lifting equipment can be used: barbells, dumbbells, dumbbells, etc. This allows you to work out the major muscle groups well and give them the needed relief.

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Aerobics for weight loss have practically no contraindications, except for very serious diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory system. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Types of dance aerobics

Today there are several directions, so that each person can choose the level according to their interest and degree of intensity, the amount of load.


This type is aimed at the development of all muscles in equal proportions. Increase stamina. Basic exercises have been unchanged for several decades. However, something new is added all the time. A musical accompaniment of medium dynamics is selected.

Rock and roll style

The main element is the “brand” step. There are also a lot of jumps, spins, swings, dashes. Regular exercise helps to tighten the hips, make the buttocks more elastic, and eliminate the abdomen. You don’t need a lot of physical preparation to get started, but training requires a lot of energy.


The same popular form of aerobics as Latin American dance. The base is made up of elastic movements and steps, the hips are constantly working. The main difference from other types is the lack of a power unit. Often the jump is performed instead. During classes, the hips are also tightened, the glutes are strengthened, posture is straightened, and the plasticity of the body is improved.

Hip hop

This type of aerobic dance requires quite serious physical training, endurance, and joint mobility. This is an energy-consuming set of exercises that allows you to exercise many of the muscles in the frame.


The classes contribute to the development of plasticity, improve body control, coordination, arm and leg movements. It is not recommended to participate in those who have problems with AOD, as there is a strong load on the spine. It is best to start with a little gymnastic and choreographic training. This is a beautiful but difficult way to dance aerobics.

Body ballet

Here too it is desirable to have knowledge and skills in choreography, at least at the beginning level. They will not be required only in a very simple stage. Classes contribute not only to weight loss, but also to improve the silhouette, the appearance of relief, a slim waist. Posture is corrected.

Jazz style

This type of aerobics is one of the simplest. As a result, a person is well liberated, he moves better. The posture becomes straighter, the mobility of the spine increases. Losing weight is somewhat slower than with other types. But then the person does not feel overloaded. Classes run at a pleasant pace.

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