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Jumping fitness is a system of training on a small trampoline equipped with a handrail for comfort. It was invented in the early noughties as a relatively easy way to lose weight without the use of heavy weights. Over the past two decades, jumping fitness has gained popularity as a fitness discipline in its own right.

The secret of success of jumper fitness is that you can effectively exercise not only in a fitness centre under the guidance of an instructor, but also at home. A fitness trampoline is inexpensive, does not require much space, and the exercises themselves do not involve high jumping out.

In addition, the basic movements of jumping fitness are technically simple and do not require special training. At the same time it is possible to burn from 400 to 600 calories in one workout. By comparison, an hour of jogging lets you burn the same 600 calories. Even the elderly and children from 4 years of age can benefit from this workout.

Jumping fitness is not only good for those who want to lose weight or watch their figure. The benefits of regular training on a trampoline are many:

Jumping burns extra calories and works almost all muscle groups, including the thighs, buttocks and abs.
Jumping develops endurance, boosts metabolism, strengthens the cardiovascular system and vestibular apparatus, and increases immunity.
Jumping jacks improve coordination, stabilise muscles and make joints more flexible.
Technically simple, dynamic exercises with music are stress-relieving and are great for warming up if you work from home.
Trampolining is not allowed if any kind of anaerobic exercise is contraindicated. Jumping on a trampoline is forbidden:


  • In cases of acute inflammations and tumors.
  • Have nervous system disorders.
  • In case of infectious diseases
  • If there is a disease of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • People with glaucoma.
  • Before you start exercising on your own, seek medical advice and only then start exercising.

How the workout works

There are various exercise programmes in fitness jumping, each aiming at a specific result, but on average any training session lasts for about an hour. Starting with a 10-minute warm-up, a 30-40 minute set of cardio exercises follows. The workout ends with 10 minutes of stretching.

The most effective workouts are interval training (HIIT), the periodic practice of which can be considered as a complete development programme, without requiring additional physical exercise.

We suggest you evaluate one of these workouts for yourself and see for yourself that it is actually possible to lose weight quite quickly. Start the video tutorial for beginners in jumper fitness and repeat the movements.

Interval training (HIIT)

In our example, the exercise takes place on the GetActive Jump 48 trampoline. The trampoline is equipped with a special handrail and was created just for the practice of jumping-fitness.

  • Warm up 10 minutes warm up
  • Cardio exercises 30-40 minutes
  • Stretching – 10 minutes
  • Warm up
  • The warm-up starts with some simple jumps and is performed at an easy pace. At this stage it is important to start gradually without speeding up and overexerting yourself. All exercises are performed in order, with each one lasting 1-2 minutes.

Usual jumping jack. Hold the handrail with both hands.
To make a short side jump, add a short step with right and left foot, one after the other.
During the jump, put both feet apart and bring them together again on the next jump.
Let go of the handrail, make circular movements with your arms while jumping.
Combine arm warm-up and jumps with movement of legs to the sides.
Alternate jumps with one knee up in front of you up to waist level.
Alternate jumps with one knee up and to the side.

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