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Building Facebook: Video Tutorials for Beginners

fejsbilding s evgeniej baglyk samye vostrebovannye uprazhneniya video2

Versatile workouts To start fitness classes for a person using the method of Evgenia Baglyk, preferably with the direct supervision of a trainer. The master will be able to suggest the correct configuration of the hands, direct the technique of execution in the right direction, and also select the most effective complex. If this is not possible, then video tutorials will come to the rescue. Consider some universal exercises that will give […]

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One- and Two-Handed Kettlebell Swings Technique, Error Analysis


What muscles work when swinging a kettlebell? Swinging or swinging with kettlebells is a multifunctional exercise that engages a large number of muscles and joints, develops endurance and strength. Thus, kettlebell swings will help you burn fat, while doing many repetitions and at maximum speed, that is, for a while. In the first half of the range of motion, they work the quadriceps of the thigh and buttocks, helping to push […]

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Kettlebell snatch – correct execution technique

zashaguvanie na skamyu

Dumbbell pull technique [edit | edit code] The snatch can be included in the classic biathlon program alongside the clean and jerk (for men) or it can be presented as a separate competitive exercise for women. A snatch, as opposed to a pull, is performed with a kettlebell for 10 minutes with each hand per turn. When performing a snatch, only one change of hands is allowed. When performing a snatch, the […]

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The most effective workouts after 40 years for men, how to develop without harm to health?


Postage stamp from Russia kettlebell on a silver coin from the USSR with a denomination of 10 rubles, issued for the   Olympics-80 kettlebell lifting It is a cyclical power sport, which is based on lifting weights as many times as possible in a given period of time in a standing position. The international governing body is the International Union of Russian Weightlifting [1], which brings together 56 national federations (by 2020). The […]

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How To Correctly Perform Kegel Exercises At Home For Men?

uprazhnenie perevorot

Kegel exercises for men at home appeared as a result of the experiments of an American-born physician, who gave the set of exercises its name. It was originally developed for women who, after giving birth, had problems urinating and muscle laxity. Subsequently, the effectiveness of exercise was tested and proven in men. Today, gymnastics is used for the following problems: prostatitis, the risk of hemorrhoids after surgery, trouble urinating fecal incontinence erection […]

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