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Want to build muscle? Use one of these workouts


Sometimes exercise has to be approached like a puzzle. If your goal is to increase strength or muscle size, you need to constantly find new methods to challenge your muscles. Alternatively, you can use drop sets. Drop sets are one method you can use in training to stimulate muscle growth. The other method is to use steroids, which will help you build muscle faster than without them, a company like […]

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Master Li Holden’s Qigong gymnastics cycle with exercises

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Lee Holden succeeded in adopting the experience of the Taoist sages, whose message the teacher carries to all. Training with Lee Holden allows you to get rid of all the problems of a modern society that lives at an ultra-fast pace. Later we will discuss more details about the teacher who tirelessly asks for a positive perception of reality and his modified gymnastic complex. What is qigong gymnastics? Qigong is an […]

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How to start the first day of weight loss for a woman over 30 years old?


Maintaining a normal weight is a guarantee not only of beauty, but also of the health of our body. It is time to abandon the practice of losing weight during the summer or on vacation and aim for a healthy long-term lifestyle (HLS) and proper nutrition (PP). Healthy culinary habits, along with physical activity, will help you stay in great shape for many years to come, regardless of age. For starters, you […]

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Ricotta – what is it?

ricotta chto eto

A Hicotta is one of the oldest types of milk-based soft cheese, appearing long before the usual hard varieties. Although ricotta tastes a bit like cottage cheese, its denser texture allows it to be used in a variety of dishes. In particular, ricotta is used as a main ingredient in cheesecakes and other desserts (although the amount of sugar used in the recipe may exceed the amount of ricotta). Next, in the material, […]

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Tips to help you get rid of ugly stretch marks at home

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Let’s talk about the recipes for the best scrubs for stretch marks, how they work, and which ingredients are the most effective. The woman in all ages was considered the personification of beauty. It’s no wonder that every woman strives to look perfect. The ladies are ready to go to any procedure to become the owners of a slim figure and velvety skin. But sadly, many of them forget about the home […]

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The best training programs to burn fat

gruppovye zanyatiya po fitnesu dlya pohudeniya polza uprazhneniya video

Effective fitness classes can be group or individual. While losing weight with other people, the athlete gains additional motivation, striving to surpass the successes of his classmates. But when you exercise alone with a fitness instructor, more attention is paid to a person and the training program is adjusted to their physiological characteristics and the goal that has been set. By understanding the particularities of group training, the athlete will be able […]

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Dance fitness to lose weight: benefits and types of dance


Many people want to lose weight, but not everyone likes boring exercise machines or long runs. It’s so much easier to say goodbye to the kilograms in a fun, upbeat rhythm of dance and aerobics. You can do it both in a group in the hallway and on your own at home. In addition, aerobic dance develops the flexibility of the body, makes it more elegant and strengthens the muscles. A minimum of […]

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Effective training for 6 body types.


Depending on this, you can make your figure more beautiful: a place to remove the “unnecessary” and a place to add muscle shapes. We bring to your attention specially selected programs for each body type. Surely you have already heard of the pear-apple, hourglass body types … However, when correcting physical condition with the help of an exercise program, the three body types described are not enough. that there are […]

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