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How to reduce the calorie content of familiar dishes and not lose taste.


Choosing the right cooking method The principle of cooking plays an important role in nutrition. If you are used to frying everything in butter and oil, know that the calorie content of food will go off the scale. Calorie level in vegetable oil: 900 kcal per 100 g. If you are losing weight, this approach is contraindicated for you. Instead, use a nonstick skillet. Boil or bake more food. Well-cooked dishes will be juicy and […]

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Low Glycemic Index and Calorie Foods

Glycemic index of foods

D the lycemic index is one of the most important characteristics that determines the benefits or harms of a particular food product. In most cases, a high GI is associated with too rapid a rise in blood glucose levels, which can lead to increased hunger and overeating. Eating foods with a low glycemic index can help you better control hunger, which is the foundation of your ability to maintain a normal body […]

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How to lose weight is simple: with and without fitness. Calorie deficit and flexible diet theory

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This equation is what I call the “big calorie fallacy.” It is dangerous precisely because it seems simple and somewhat intuitive. The important thing is that there are a number of misconceptions behind such a simple example. Misconception No. 1: calories consumed and expended are independent. This assumption is a big mistake. As we will see later in this chapter, experiments and experiments have shown this claim to be false. Calorie intake and calorie intake […]

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What is an eating disorder (ED)?

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Progressive age dictates a series of principles to a person, placing them in new conditions: the desire to look perfect to get what they want, the curious go crazy for the availability, the abundance of food, the pace of life of busy people . erase the fact that you recently had a meal out of your head. The list may be long, but the bottom line is that the listed factors introduce […]

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Ricotta – what is it?

ricotta chto eto

A Hicotta is one of the oldest types of milk-based soft cheese, appearing long before the usual hard varieties. Although ricotta tastes a bit like cottage cheese, its denser texture allows it to be used in a variety of dishes. In particular, ricotta is used as a main ingredient in cheesecakes and other desserts (although the amount of sugar used in the recipe may exceed the amount of ricotta). Next, in the material, […]

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How to calculate the caloric content of meals and prepared products.

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Often, following the path of proper nutrition and calorie counting, the menu for beginners includes cucumbers, boiled chicken fillets, buckwheat and similar simple products, because it is quite difficult to calculate the number of calories and nutrients per 100 grams of a complex dish. Hence the myths about the monotony and complexity of the diet. In fact, only at first glance, the process seems impractical. In this article, you will learn: why it […]

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When it is especially necessary to monitor magnesium intake

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Athletes have heard the most about how much magnesium the body needs. The trace element is responsible for a wide range of tasks that are important in sports: growth of muscle fibers; maintain the work of the heart muscle; serves as a stimulus for protein synthesis; improvement of metabolic processes; stimulates the digestive tract; controls cholesterol levels; promotes the conduction of nerve impulses; reduces stress levels. When foods rich in magnesium […]

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