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Is it possible to balance your chest and back? Back workout in one day

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A strong back and a prominent chest make the body not only beautiful, but also physically tough. Although these areas are not as susceptible to fat accumulation as the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen, they must be exercised to strengthen muscle tissue. The chest and back are antagonists. This means that exercising one muscle group promotes blood flow to opposing muscles, allowing you to increase the productivity and efficiency of your workout.   Rules […]

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Men’s CrossFit Workout Program at the Gym and at Home

krossfit programma trenirovok dlya muzhchin

CrossFit  is a true men’s sport that requires strength, endurance, responsiveness, and self-discipline. In order to ultimately achieve overwhelming results, the men’s training program is grouped in a certain way. The fundamental principles of strength sports must be observed, namely: separation, consistency, consistency and diversity. Otherwise, progress in this sport will slow down significantly. What is CrossFit? A distinctive feature of this type of training is the continuous, high-intensity replacement of one exercise for […]

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Daily Calorie Intake Calculator for Women.

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In fact, for each person there is a level of kcal consumption. So, for example, men have to expend much more physical force per day, so they have to eat more. Children also need more calories during their active growth and development period for normal physical activity. But for the female body, the calorie intake is completely different and the older a woman gets, the less kcal per day her body needs for […]

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How to start the first day of weight loss for a woman over 30 years old?


Maintaining a normal weight is a guarantee not only of beauty, but also of the health of our body. It is time to abandon the practice of losing weight during the summer or on vacation and aim for a healthy long-term lifestyle (HLS) and proper nutrition (PP). Healthy culinary habits, along with physical activity, will help you stay in great shape for many years to come, regardless of age. For starters, you […]

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Transport of a patient with damage to the thoracic spine.


Not many can boast of good posture, most hunch over, inadvertently. But this does not mean that we should leave everything as it is. You need to make an effort, as it will not be possible to correct your posture quickly, for example, in a week. Ways to achieve the result: Muscle-strengthening bands or corsets  that support the back and pull the shoulders back, preventing slouching. It is worn under clothing, it is pleasant to […]

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How to eliminate back fat in women at home.


Being overweight is a common problem. Fatty tissue is often deposited on the thighs, abdomen, and back. This leads to the appearance of complexes. It is more difficult for a woman to appear on the beach, wear bathing suits, open dresses. It is possible to eliminate back fat even if a certain type of figure has its accumulation in this part. To improve the body, to lose weight, a whole series of measures are needed. […]

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How to give up sweets: recommendations for those with a sweet tooth

psihologiya dlya pohudeniya ili kak navsegda otkazatsya ot sladkogo i

Psychologists are very often faced with the problem of food addiction. When the question arises of how to give up sweet and starchy foods, the psychology of weight loss will help you find a way out. You can cope with addiction, overeating, being overweight if you find the right approach and determine the reasons for this behavior. Why are sweet and starchy foods harmful? The dangers of refined sugar and starchy foods […]

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How to lose weight is simple: with and without fitness. Calorie deficit and flexible diet theory

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This equation is what I call the “big calorie fallacy.” It is dangerous precisely because it seems simple and somewhat intuitive. The important thing is that there are a number of misconceptions behind such a simple example. Misconception No. 1: calories consumed and expended are independent. This assumption is a big mistake. As we will see later in this chapter, experiments and experiments have shown this claim to be false. Calorie intake and calorie intake […]

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Water to lose weight: when, how much and what type of water to drink

golodanie na vode 7 dnej otzyvy rezultaty

When all the known diets have been tried, but the desired result has not been achieved, you can try the world famous method on yourself that will help you lose weight and also cleanse the body. This method was proposed by the American naturopath Paul Bragg. Fasting is, according to the author, the key to body health and rapid weight loss. Paul Bragg promoted the use of his own method for health purposes […]

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How a man can lose belly fat: nutrition, exercise, lifestyle

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Surgery to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen and sides is considered a well-known and popular method to lose excess weight in a short time. Restrictions, sports and diets are a very long way to lose weight, they take time and stamina. Most males cannot withstand such a severe regimen. In this article, we will look at all the methods to treat abdominal fat in men. Here you will read about all […]

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