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What is the right way to exercise on a stationary bike


With the exercise bike, you have a variety of options for your workout, from self-training to a variety of online streaming workouts and instructor-led sessions at the gym. You can do a super-strenuous interval cardio workout or go for a slow and steady endurance ride by simply turning the knob and changing the program. “The intensity of your workout is determined by the level of exertion and the speed of […]

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4 challenging exercises you can do on a bench with 1 dumbbell


  For some exercises or workouts, two dumbbells are better than one. After all, it’s twice the workload. But where pecs are concerned, you can train effectively with just 1 dumbbell. By focusing on one arm at a time, you can eliminate any potential difference in load between the arms (e.g. if the right arm is stronger than the left). If you don’t have a weight bench, you can use […]

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Fitness jumping for beginners


Jumping fitness is a system of training on a small trampoline equipped with a handrail for comfort. It was invented in the early noughties as a relatively easy way to lose weight without the use of heavy weights. Over the past two decades, jumping fitness has gained popularity as a fitness discipline in its own right. The secret of success of jumper fitness is that you can effectively exercise not […]

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Training on a bicycle to keep fit


  It’s not always possible to spend hours at the gym, is it? That’s why high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best choice when you don’t have a lot of free time. “You can also use cycling to increase efficiency in everyday activities, whether it’s climbing stairs or carrying groceries,” says Lauren Wilson, a professional cycling instructor. And if you can train outdoors, so much the better. Training outdoors for […]

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How to choose a strength-training machine for your home


A strength-trainer for your home should be chosen depending on your goals. A horizontal bar, bars and dumbbells may be enough to keep fit and develop strength. Professional athletes sometimes buy complex strength-training sets to maintain optimum fitness at home. Of course, size and price do matter. Chinning bar and horizontal bars do not require much space and are inexpensive, but for a multi-gym, you will need to allocate a […]

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How to improve and maintain training results?

Well, sport is definitely the way to get your body in order, but everything must be approached holistically and wisely. Read our article on how to make your workouts enjoyable while getting your desired results in less time. Take care of your body Sport is work on the body from the inside, but it also requires care and support from the outside. Many salon procedures help accelerate weight loss and improve […]

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How to quickly gain weight for a slim girl

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The main request that girls come to nutritionists and trainers is to lose weight on an important date or event. But there are those who express the desire to gain weight, but cannot. The question of how to gain muscle mass for a girl is puzzled by novice athletes, lovers of curvy shapes or women with health problems. When a girl decides to gain weight or build muscle mass to improve proportions, […]

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Sports harness and rubber expander: exercise and training

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Even if you are a regular gym customer, by additionally training with an elastic band, you will achieve results you never dreamed of. Do you want to know how? Read about it in our article! What is this rubber band? The rubber harness is a universal tubular expander with handles that facilitate the holding of the projectile. Thanks to this distinctive feature, a wide variety of exercises are available. This apparatus is often […]

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Buckwheat benefits and content


Buckwheat, which is rich in nutrients, has a fairly low calorie content. This is precisely why its popularity among those who try to control the amount of calories consumed during the day is connected. Let’s solve it: How much protein How much fat How many carbohydrates Glycemic index of buckwheat Is there fiber and how much Benefits for the body when losing weight Vitamins and minerals How many calories are in 100 […]

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Fasting to lose weight at home: correct fasting in water, reviews and results

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General information For those looking to feel more vigorous and healthy, as well as shed the extra pounds, modern physicians and supporters of alternative medicine offer many different methods. One of them is  the water fast  , also called a wet fast. Lack of water is a process in which a person refuses to consume any food for a long time, but at the same time drinks water in unlimited quantities. Controversy still exists […]

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