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The best training programs to burn fat

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Effective fitness classes can be group or individual. While losing weight with other people, the athlete gains additional motivation, striving to surpass the successes of his classmates. But when you exercise alone with a fitness instructor, more attention is paid to a person and the training program is adjusted to their physiological characteristics and the goal that has been set. By understanding the particularities of group training, the athlete will be able […]

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Yoga poses are not neutral. All classic asanas have a spiritual meaning


Sports and psychology are very closely linked. Angry with the whole world? Try some yoga poses to help you calm down. Without a doubt, the benefits of these exercises are enormous. Yoga can help you deal with a variety of mental and physical problems. If you do not have the best day and need to breathe steam, yoga can help you calm down. Doing the right posture can help reduce stress and tension, as well […]

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Home aerobics for beginners: set of exercises to burn fat

aerobika doma 44

Every girl at least once in her life thought about losing weight. There really are many ways to lose those extra pounds today. If you’ve tried different diets, jogging, gym workouts, and all else fails, it’s time to give aerobics a try! This sporty direction will help you quickly get rid of hated kilograms, as well as remove a few inches from problem areas. Beginner aerobics at home are a great way to […]

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Effective training for 6 body types.


Depending on this, you can make your figure more beautiful: a place to remove the “unnecessary” and a place to add muscle shapes. We bring to your attention specially selected programs for each body type. Surely you have already heard of the pear-apple, hourglass body types … However, when correcting physical condition with the help of an exercise program, the three body types described are not enough. that there are […]

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physical therapy exercises for patients with diseases of the spine

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Exercise therapy, what it is and why it is necessary, many people know. Okay, we met this abbreviation in childhood, when we were going on vacation to a children’s camp or a sanatorium, or when our health was failing. So what is it? Find out in the article. Attention! The material is for informational purposes only. You should not resort to the treatments described in it without first consulting your doctor. Varieties of exercises in […]

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How to do hyperextension at home?

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Benefits of exercise Reverse hyperextension is considered safer than the classic option: the risks of spinal injuries are practically excluded. This exercise is recommended for back pain or back problems. This exercise is suitable if you have a hernia, bulge, or osteochondrosis of the intervertebral discs. In addition to the back, the muscles of the legs and buttocks are well involved. Thanks to this, you can use more weights and as a result […]

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Mindful eating techniques and principles for an optimal diet

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The concept of mindfulness is being heard more and more among followers of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Conscious choice, lucid dreams and lucid diet as part of the life of a person who enjoys every moment. Psychologists and philosophers argue that having realized yourself and your life “here and now” you can really find harmony with yourself, it is enough to stop mentally and connect the feelings. Nutritionists say there are […]

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