Home aerobics for beginners: set of exercises to burn fat

Every girl at least once in her life thought about losing weight. There really are many ways to lose those extra pounds today. If you’ve tried different diets, jogging, gym workouts, and all else fails, it’s time to give aerobics a try! This sporty direction will help you quickly get rid of hated kilograms, as well as remove a few inches from problem areas.

Beginner aerobics at home are a great way to get your body in order and invigorate yourself in the morning or after a hard day at work. You will learn  how to correctly participate in this system  , which exercises are best included in the complex, and how to lose weight quickly, you will learn in this article.

Clothes and shoes

It is very important to choose comfortable clothes, otherwise discomfort and irritation will be constant companions. Here are some important things to follow:

It is better to choose loose and comfortable clothes.

Aerobics clothing should be loose enough to allow room for airflow to circulate. The main thing is that you have a feeling of comfort in the clothes you are wearing. If you wear tight clothing, your movements will likely be limited, rendering the exercise ineffective. It is better not to wear synthetic clothing, as the body temperature can rise. The layer of clothing that touches your skin should be absorbent.

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Shoes are also essential for a quality workout. The feet, ankle, and lower limb are critical for coordinating movement. Step aerobics and aerobics put a lot of stress on your feet, so choose quality shoes with cushioned soles. Bend the sole of the shoe slightly before purchasing. The front of the shoe should bend with slight resistance.

The benefits of doing aerobics at home

There are many benefits of aerobic exercise that affect your health and general well-being. Some can be listed:

  • Vigorous movement exercises lead to an energetic and vigorous pace of life.
  • The benefits of aerobic exercise also include reducing stress and improving mental health. Due to increased endorphin production in the brain. The study found that people who did aerobics several times a week for 30-40 minutes showed 47% lower scores on the depression questionnaire after twelve weeks.
  • Constant training of the heart and lungs, which eventually leads to their stable work.
  • Reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and therefore the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Examples of aerobic exercise for weight loss

Depending on the initial level of training, it is worth choosing a specific set of aerobic exercises to lose weight.

Simple training

The main movements are springy jumps and hand rocking. These are the simplest exercises, but if they are done every day for 30-40 minutes, after 30 days the muscles will noticeably strengthen and the skin will tighten.

First level

An excellent option for those who have just started aerobics, but are already doing a simple workout with ease. The lesson begins with a warm-up, then there is the learning of the movements and the final (main) part: the repetition of the learned exercises at a rapid pace with a certain rhythm.

Average level

You should go to it only after mastering the basic exercises for beginners, because the intermediate level is a combination of movements. For example, there will be leg movements while squatting. It is not difficult, but beginners should hold their breath, not miss a beat and a rhythm; They learn this, they get used to it with simple training and at the beginning level.

Intense fat burning

The essence of training is the alternation of exercise cycles. First, a warm-up is carried out, then there is an intensive 15-minute work (fast pace, active movements, maximum load). You can go from 2 to 3 such cycles in the allotted minutes for the entire workout. Fat burning will proceed quickly, the first results can be observed not only in the scales, but also in appearance after 2-3 weeks.

Complex training

The most difficult type of aerobics, it is performed only after the previous stages have been passed, and the weight has already decreased by 10-15 kg from the initial indicators. A complete training includes:

  • hula hoop waist exercises;
  • press training;
  • exercises to correct hips and buttocks;
  • strengthen the back muscles.

Watch this video on how to lose weight quickly by doing intense aerobic exercise:

Pros and cons of doing fitness at home. How do I prepare for a workout?

Before embarking on exercise, beginners should identify the advantages and disadvantages of exercising at home. So let’s look at the pros first.

The benefits of fitness at home:

  1. Saving money;
  2. Saving time on the road (especially when the gym is not close to the house);
  3. Comfort (no need to be ashamed of your extra pounds, when slim women are engaged, and you still lose weight and lose weight);
  4. A large selection of videos on the Internet on demand: “Fitness for beginners at home”, where you can easily choose the video and the trainer that is most enjoyable for you and where classes are held at a pace that is comfortable for you;
  5. There is no queue for the shower :).

Disadvantages of home fitness:

  1. Postpone fitness for tomorrow;
  2. Uncontrolled (at home, you are a trainer who must choose the right fitness exercises for you and consequently must control your breathing)
  3. Lack of an energetic coach and incendiary team willpower for purposeful sports.

Dear girls, only you decide whether to do fitness at home or not. And if you decide to practice at home, read on to find out what will be useful for your training.

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How do I prepare for a workout?

For the training to be effective for you, you need to set a goal for yourself, for example, lose 25 kg on a certain date or lose 5 kg in a month.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Do not try to lead yourself to meaningless frames, for example: losing weight by a certain number of kg in a month; If you are unsure about achieving this goal, I assure you, you will be very angry with a negative result. . Plan, but smart!

Dear girls and women, we by no means forget about proper nutrition. Proper balanced nutrition is a prerequisite for success in fitness, because everything is interconnected and there must be harmony in everything.

We do not transmit it, we do not remain hungry. We eat in small portions, but often. When your body feels hungry, it means that it needs to be satisfied. If it is night, then you can eat some nuts or fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, I think you understand that these are low calorie foods.

What you need to train:

Comfortable clothing that does not impede movement;

  1. Comfortable sports shoes;
  2. Fitness mat;
  3. Dumbbells, hoop, fitball, jump rope, etc .;
  4. Gym equipment, if you are sure that you will actually use it and it will not be left aside for furniture.


Video lessons of aerobics to lose weight for beginners

Lesson number 1

This video tutorial presents an intense aerobic workout to burn fat. The video is packed with simple basics (steps, swings, curves) performed at a beginner-friendly pace. An example of stretching is shown at the end.

httpv: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = embed / kSfTD5755Qo?

Lesson number 2

A good workout for those new to aerobics. The lesson begins with a warm-up, followed by an introduction to the basic steps of aerobics. The trainer explains the exercises in stages. The training ends with stretching.

httpv: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = embed / d5bznQLUUuc?

Lesson number 3

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This lesson provides an example of the preparatory phase before the main training. Movements are selected for the main part of the lesson: various options for jumps, steps, exercises for the press.

Lesson number 4

A version of a video lesson that uses step aerobics. The main elements of this type of aerobics are clearly presented. As an added benefit, it informs about the characteristics of the step platforms.

Lesson number 5

Another option for step training. The training is conducted by an American fitness instructor. New elements and more complex ligaments appear.

httpv: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = embed / PDv3b-gD7Zo?

Training examples

As stated above, there are a lot of video lessons on the net labeled “home aerobics.” We have chosen the most effective ones, suitable for those who want to lose weight at home

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