Ice for the face of wrinkles how to prepare and use correctly

Sooner or later, age appears on the face with wrinkles, large and small. Someone perceives this as a disaster and is looking for all sorts of (even radical) ways to preserve youth, while someone decides to age beautifully and without plastic surgeons.

However, the first wrinkles can be postponed to a later date if you resort to natural remedies in time. Our ancestors used face ice for wrinkles thousands of years ago.

Let’s find out how to carry out rejuvenation procedures correctly.

Advice! There is no age limit for using ice for facial rejuvenation. It is necessary to start preserving the freshness and youth of the skin as soon as possible.

Ice: enemy or friend?

The consequences of hypothermia are known to all. If you spend your health mindlessly following fashion, ignore freezing temperatures, and flaunt light clothing on winter streets, then the reckoning will inevitably come. If not immediately, after the time has elapsed.

Young people often ignore the advice of their elders. And in this situation, uncontrolled exposure to cold in the body is harmful, sometimes irreparable.

Exposure to cold also has several contraindications. It is better to refrain from cryogenic procedures if:

  • the body has open wounds or manifestations of eczema, allergies or irritation
  • diagnosed with inflammatory processes in the body or on the surface of the skin
  • vascular network, dilated vessels are visually visible
  • the body is dehydrated.

As far as possible, all the above points should be removed and it is imperative to consult with your doctor about the admissibility of using ice for cosmetic purposes, taking into account the medical history.

However, there is another side to the coin. The developers of author’s methods for a healthy lifestyle actively use and advise their followers to turn to nature. Swimming in an ice hole, walking barefoot in the snow, pouring cold water and much more, with proper use, will relieve ailments and strengthen the immune system.

Anti-wrinkle cosmetic ice can have the same effect on facial skin, so you don’t have to endure painful “beauty shots,” hiding at home from prying eyes until the injection marks heal.

In addition, Botox “kills” the muscles, they become numb and partially lose their mobility. Due to excessive enthusiasm for such injections, the face becomes like a mask.

All this can be easily avoided if you know and constantly use recipes for ice for the face from wrinkles in home cosmetology.

The benefits of ice in cosmetic applications

  • Improves blood circulation. Provides vigor and freshness. Reactivates metabolism.
  • The pores of the skin are reflexively reduced under the influence of cold. This helps to keep it clean and fresh for a long time. microbes and contamination will no longer be able to penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis.
  • The blood is enriched with oxygen, and therefore a blush appears on the face, the skin takes on a healthy appearance.
  • From exposure to cold, relaxed skin is toned. Small wrinkles are smoothed out, large ones become visually invisible.
  • The regeneration of the skin is much faster.
  • Adding essential oils or herbal teas to ice helps soothe irritation and reduce inflammation.

Water is the most essential element to preserve life and health. Being frozen, it acquires additional useful properties that it is a sin not to use.

My own beautician

Our grandmothers did not have the opportunity to visit certified cosmetologists and dermatologists. They used popular beauty recipes, proven by generations: herbs for the face against wrinkles with ice. We will replenish our army to combat wrinkles with new fighters.

Anti-wrinkle ice cube recipes

Lemon Prince

For 1 glass of water, take 1 lemon, squeeze juice, stir, pour into molds and freeze. If it is necessary to reduce the whitening effect, take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water.

This citrus fruit will enrich the skin with vitamin C, tone it and lighten freckles or age spots.

Dr. Aloe

The medicinal properties of this plant are widely known. In cosmetology, aloe is also widely used, as well as in medicine.

Aloe juice is added in 1-2 drops to water, previously poured into molds. Instead of juice, you can use the essential oil of the plant. The effect will be the same.

Advice! Aloe procedures should be used very carefully by people with sensitive skin.

Mr parsley

This green citizen will save dry skin and will whiten, tighten and hydrate.

Chop fresh seasonings. Pour 2 tablespoons of greens with 100 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for 5-6 hours. Then pour into molds and freeze.

Mint leaves have the same effect.

Pink princess

The petals of this royal flower can give a feeling of tenderness and noble elegance. The petals of a bud should be poured with boiling water, allowed to cool and pour into molds.

Sultan green tea

The favorite drink of the inhabitants of the East tones, tones and refreshes. Take 1-2 teaspoons of green tea leaves, pour hot water (no more than 70 ° C) over them, allow to cool, strain and freeze.

Miss Kalina red

The bulk berry will preserve beauty and youth. Prepare the viburnum juice, strain, mix with water in equal proportions and freeze. The best gift from the homeland for our beauties.

Secrets of essential oils

You will not surprise anyone with aromatherapy. What if you add a couple of drops to the water and freeze it? The use of cosmetic ice with essential oils will give the same effect as when inhaling the aroma: it will saturate the skin, calm irritation and enhance metabolic processes in the skin.

Simply add 1-2 drops of oil to the ice container and freeze. For cosmetic purposes, citrus, rosemary, and almond oils are excellent.

Advice! A detailed notation on your packaging will help you choose the right essential oil.

Herbal ice to rejuvenate

Traditional medicine offers many recipes from decoctions of medicinal herbs to wash with ice.

Dried and crushed chamomile, string and sage, made according to directions and frozen, will give skin velvety smoothness, soothe minor irritations, and hydrate.

If signs of wilting appear on the skin of the face, you can prepare decoctions of dandelion, linden or mint leaves. The inclusion of milk in the composition of the ice for wrinkles will be a good protein food for the skin of the face and will reduce the manifestation of the signs of aging.


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