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Manufacturer’s Description

Nutrex Lipo-6x is one of the most powerful fat burners available today and uses new multi-phase technology. The unique multiphase technology combines fast and slow acting ingredients in a capsule, the former in liquid form in the capsule and the latter in bolus form. This means that Lipo-6X is the only fat burner with both fast and long-lasting effects.

Step # 1  . Nutrex Lipo-6x liquid capsule ensures rapid and almost instant absorption of appetite suppressant, fat burning, thyroid and energy boosting ingredients. Within minutes of taking Lipo-6X, you will feel all of these powerful ingredients working for you.

Step 2  . Unlike conventional fat burners, which wear out quickly, Lipo-6X continues to work for an extended period of time. By including special ingredients in bolus form inside the liquid capsule, the rate of absorption can be controlled: this greatly increases the rate of absorption of certain active ingredients, which means that appetite suppression , the thyroid stimulation and fat burning effect of Lipo-6X will last for several hours, allowing your body to constantly work to shed those extra pounds.


The composition of a portion of Lipo-6x from Nutrex  (2 caps.) Of the product:

  • Anhydrous caffeine 250 mg
  • Hordenine 50 mg
  • Synephrine HCl – 20 mg
  • Yohimbine HCl – 2 mg
  • Rauwolscine – 1.5 mg

Other ingredients:  vegetable cellulose, polysorbate 80, FD&C blue dye # 2

Usage tips :

Take 2 capsules for the first two days. one day, one – in the morning, the second – in the afternoon. 3-4 days take 3 capsules. in one day. On the 5th day and the following days, take 4 capsules. in one day. Lipo-6X should be taken on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes in advance. before meals. Recommended cycle: 8 weeks of intake and 1 week of rest.

Жиросжигатель Lipo 6X от Nutrex: состав, как принимать, цена


The new Nutrex products (Lipo-6 RX, Lipo-6 Black, Lipo-6 UC, etc.) have a modified composition.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes Lipo-6x different from other fat burners?

Lipo-6x uses an original system for delivering multiphase active substances. This technology allows a combination of rapid and gradual release.

How to take Lipo-6x correctly?

Start Lipo-6x at the lowest dose to assess tolerance. For the first 1-2 days, take one capsule in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, and another 6 hours later, also before meals. On days 3-4, increase the dose to 2 capsules in the morning and another in the afternoon. On the fifth day and beyond, you can switch to the maximum dose: 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. If you get any side effects, reduce your dose or stop taking it. It is not necessary to upgrade to the maximum dose to get the desired results.

How long can you take Lipo-6x?

Lipo-6x can be taken for 8 weeks, then withdrawn for 1 week.

How many capsules does Lipo-6x contain and how long does it last?

Lipo-6x is available in boxes of 120 and 240 capsules. Banks with 120 caps. on average enough for 1 month, with 240 capsules. for 2 months.

How much caffeine does Lipo-6x contain?

Each Lipo-6x capsule contains 100 mg of  caffeine  . That is, there is 200 mg of caffeine in each dose. Each cup of coffee contains approximately 150 mg of caffeine.

Are there any side effects of Lipo-6x?

It should be borne in mind that the supplement contains stimulants such as caffeine, synephrine (Synephrine) and yohimbine, therefore the following side effects are possible: restlessness, anxiety, headache, fluctuations in blood pressure, disturbances digestives and others. If side effects occur, reduce the dose to a comfortable dose or stop taking the medicine.

How long will it take for the results of Lipo-6x to be visible?

The active ingredients in Lipo-6x are formulated to help speed up fat breakdown, while not eliminating the need for a low calorie diet and exercise routine. The lower the calorie intake and the more you exercise, the faster you will get the desired results. On average, per month you can lose weight from 3-5 kg, a large number is dangerous to health.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of Lipo-6x 

Despite the great popularity of Lipo-6x, it should be noted that the fat burning effect of the supplement has not been tested in studies. At the same time, the effectiveness of the individual components of Lipo-6x has been well studied.

  1. Synephrine. Two isomers of synephrine are more commonly used: p-Synephrine is found in plant sources, while m-Synephrine is synthetic. Studies have shown that p-Synephrine in citrus fruits does not interact with alpha and beta adrenaline receptors, unlike the m isomer, and therefore does not cause negative effects on the heart and blood pressure. while it has lipolytic effect and is able to increase metabolic rate by 6.7% and improve endurance ] Synephrine has side effects similar to ephedrine.
  2. Yohimbine. It has an effect on the psyche, initiating a number of psychostimulant effects: arousal, improved mood, etc. Well tolerated by healthy people even with a single dose of 22 mg. However, when using yohimbine and fat burners based on it, are possible: fluctuations in blood pressure and tachycardia (due to a stimulating effect on the heart, expansion of the vascular bed), restlessness, insomnia or drowsiness, headache, dizziness, redness of the skin (due to expansion vessels). ] A 2006 study of high performance athletes showed no effect of yohimbine on total body weight and physical performance, while reducing body fat
  3. Acacia hardula is a shrub native to southwest and western Texas and the northern states of Mexico. Contains a variety of alkaloids, one of which is beta-methylphenethylamine (BMPEA). This ingredient is a stimulant similar to amphetamine Phenethylamine is very commonly used in fat burners and pre-workout supplements as a stimulant, but when taken internally it is quickly broken down in the body.
  4. Caffeine. It is most often used as a stimulant. A 2014 study by Schubert MM looked at the effects of coffee, caffeine, and decaffeinated coffee on humans. Scientists have found that neither coffee, caffeine, nor decaffeinated coffee affects food intake, hunger, stomach emptying, or glucose levels. Taking caffeine can cause many side effects. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid taking sports supplements that contain caffeine. people over 50 should use extreme caution when taking sports supplements that contain caffeine.
  5. Tyramine. Several clinical studies have shown that tyramine can be lipogenic (promotes fat storage) or inhibits fat breakdown. However, this data requires additional verification.
  6. Gordenin. Hordenin’s research base is very sparse, so it’s hard to judge the effectiveness.
  7. Guggulsterones (Guggul) are phytosteroids found in the resin of the Commiphora mukul plant, known as the Guggul tree. The plant is native to Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. For the production of supplements, plant sap is used. They have anti-inflammatory effects. [] A study of the effects of googlsterone in rats showed an effect on the regulation of hormones such as ghrelin, leptin, cholecystokinin, as well as a decrease in glucose levels and an increase in the amount of dopamine and serotonin There is evidence for the possible hepatotoxicity of guggulsterones. 


Do not combine Lipo-6x with other thermogenics, but it can be safely combined with L-Carnitine, Omega-3 fatty acids (Lipidex) and nutrient blockers (Cheaters Relief) to enhance the effect burning fat and pose no risk to health… During fat burning, it is advisable to take slow proteins (2 to 3 times a day) or amino acids to protect the muscles from the destructive effects of catabolic reactions. Be sure to take a vitamin and mineral complex because, given a strict diet during fat burning cycles, the human body lacks vitamins and minerals.

Comparison with other drugs in this series 

Lipo 6 Hers 

As the name suggests, the company has created a fat burner for women. Some components have been removed from the composition. Like gugglesterones. Changing the concentration of caffeine down. The impact on the endocrine system is minimal. The company’s marketers claim that the drug is capable of fighting cellulite. However, no studies have been done on this effect of supplementation.

Lipo 6 Black 

This drug differs from its predecessors in that it contains yohimbine hydrochloride   (HCL) in three forms, which makes it more effective. In addition, two forms of thyronines have been used in the composition to speed up metabolism. It has probably become more efficient. However, it is also almost 1.5 times more expensive.

Lipo 6 unlimited 

The name “Unlimited” is intended to be used without limitation. As for the composition and action, marketers promise unlimited action of the drug. There were no significant changes in the composition. Gugglesterones  removed, thyronines added. According to the manufacturer, it has become absolutely harmless and has no contraindications. However, you need to monitor your well-being while you are taking the supplement. The original composition is almost identical to Lipo 6, and the price is noticeably higher.


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