Master Li Holden’s Qigong gymnastics cycle with exercises

Lee Holden succeeded in adopting the experience of the Taoist sages, whose message the teacher carries to all.

Training with Lee Holden allows you to get rid of all the problems of a modern society that lives at an ultra-fast pace. Later we will discuss more details about the teacher who tirelessly asks for a positive perception of reality and his modified gymnastic complex.

What is qigong gymnastics?

Qigong is an oriental gymnastics, whose main objective is to heal, improve the body and spirit of a person. This complex belongs to the category of superficial practices and is a preparatory stage before moving on to the deep ones.

For those who have just turned to oriental complexes, Qigong will be an excellent boost for future achievements.

The complex contains a symbiosis of breathing techniques, the management of internal energy and the physical load of the muscle fibers, which allows you to completely clear your consciousness, your thoughts, while providing the body shell and the ideal forms for a person.

Those who have already tried the complex exercise on themselves note the following results:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • the appearance of inner calm, harmony, pacification, abstraction from the bustle of the world;
  • development of the body: gradual loss of extra pounds, strengthening of the muscular corset, appearance of a uniform body contour;
  • Thanks to the massage techniques that are part of the gymnastic exercises, the modified areas of the skin return to normal: stretch marks, sagging skin, cellulite gradually disappear;
  • stabilization of pressure indicators, heart rate;
  • reduction of pain in pathological processes in joint and bone tissues;
  • get rid of stress, depression, distraction and other manifestations of nervous disorders;
  • complete relief from migraines, headaches, dizziness;
  • improvement of health, mood, etc.

The effectiveness of the practice is achieved not so much by the energy load, but by the elimination of nervous tension, which forces the body to accumulate fat reserves.

Just a few minutes a day is not enough to give the body the strength for fruitful but harmonious functioning.

Lee Holden: what was special about the teacher

Before adopting oriental practices, Lee was the average American who was actively involved in soccer and practiced a healthy lifestyle.

Once the future master realized that to maintain complete control not only over the body, but also over the mind, something more is needed than what he is doing at the moment. It was this conclusion that led Li to experiment with oriental gymnastics, among which he chose Qigong, the most effective and complex method of self-knowledge and self-control.

However, the primary practice of Qigong is extremely difficult gymnastics, especially if we talk about the use of a common inhabitant of a metropolis. Lee Holden managed to simplify the complex exercises without losing its original old structure and effectiveness.

The teacher has improved the program year after year and the results of his hard work have exceeded all of Lee’s expectations.

The trainer created an individual author course based on the ancient methodology, which was available to people of different fitness levels and ages. Lee Holden’s gymnastics is a modern method of self-healing that does not require special conditions or the involvement of a coach.

Absolutely everyone can independently participate in this gymnastics with clothes and a convenient place for him. Master Li’s Gymnastics Qigong is a simple exercise with a holistic approach.

Qigong for digestion and weight loss

Being overweight and problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract are the most common pathologies in modern society.

Lee Holden has developed a special technique that is aimed at improving the digestive processes and, as a result, the loss of excess fat accumulation, the general stabilization of the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

The author of the technique claims that only daily 15-minute exercises will help you forget about the manifestations of gastritis, intestinal disorders, flatulence, colic, cramps, nausea and many other unpleasant symptoms of improper bowel function.

The principle of action of gymnastics lies in the ingestion of the flow of Chi energy towards the human body when performing the respiratory complex and the propagation of this energy through all cells and organs through a special physical activity.

Gymnastic Qigong exercises to normalize digestion contain special manipulations with the fingers, hands, palms in the context of correct abdominal breathing, diaphragm, oxygenation of cells and maximum concentration on Chi energy.

In the tutorial videos, Master Li describes in detail the technique to perform each element of the program and clearly demonstrates each movement.

Qigong to calm down

The sensations of pain, tension and stiffness in the muscles of the body are directly related to accumulated stress and fatigue. Every day, the human body faces hundreds of unpleasant situations that have a negative impact on the body and mood.

Lee Holden guarantees that the regular use of the practice will help not only to balance the work of the nervous system, eliminate the effects of already accumulated stress, but also develop a special immunity to the perception of external stimuli in the future.

The relaxing program includes exercises to relieve fatigue in the muscles of the neck, spine, arms, and legs. Properly synchronized breathing, the ability to focus on energy flows open the hidden possibilities of internal energy, the circulation of Qi flows, the expansion of consciousness.

Just 10-15 minutes of Qigong exercise per day can cope with even the most severe stressful situations.

Qigong for the spine

Stiffness and tension in the lower torso are the consequences of the sedentary lifestyle and work that are common to most urban dwellers. Lee Holden has developed a complex that allows you to relieve pain in the spine, getting rid of negative energy flows.

For the exercises in this part of the program, you will need a mat or blanket that allows the practitioner to sit comfortably on the floor.

The elements of the complex contain exercises in the lying position, sitting, stretching elements.

The author proposes to apply the retraction techniques of the abdominal cavity, the exercise “The mountain rises from the sea” (lifting the hip region up from the supine position), massaging the lumbar area balancing the body with the knees pressed toward the chest, stretching the outer and inner sides of the thighs, and many others.

This part of the lesson aims to relieve pain, not only in the vertebral regions, but also in the organs located in the lower part of the body (liver, kidneys, etc.)

Qigong for longevity

According to Chinese wisdom, the key to longevity is good kidney function. It is in this body that the emphasis is placed on Lee Holden’s gymnastics for longevity.
The efficacy of Qigong in prolonging life has been proven by the record number of centenarians among Eastern monks.

The technique contains exercises performed on the basis of special turns of the body, tapping on the Sea of ​​Qi, the “Door of Life” (abdominal) (lumbar region), the inner and outer part of the legs, thighs and others. areas of the body.

The complex effect on vital points, according to Lee, not only prolongs life, but also restores health, vitality, improves mood and lifts spirit.

Afternoon qigong

In this part of the lesson, the teacher insists that deep breathing is the key to well-being, the energy recharge of the body by enriching the lack of oxygen in cellular compounds.

Just a few minutes from the complex will help you recover after a busy day at work, return home in peace after work stress, completely clearing the mind of the mind.

Thanks to this complex, stress is transformed into energy, and the nervous system stops responding to stimuli, relaxing and reaching a state of complete rest.

Lee divides the evening ritual into 2 possible techniques, which differ at the time of the lesson.

If the practitioner has sufficient time resources, the best option is the 20-minute evening Qigong. However, to save time, you can use a 10-minute ritual, which is no less effective than the previous one.

Night exercises are aimed at relaxing the muscles in the back, arms, and neck.

Bends, twists, special movements of the hands, the pelvis and the correct execution of deep breaths and exhalations will help the body to enter a state of complete rest.

Lee Holden’s morning exercises

Several Lee Holden communities deserve special attention.

10 minute morning exercise

At the author’s compound, Lee provided a lesson option for those who don’t have enough time for a full morning warm-up.

Thanks to the 10-minute program, every cell in the body can easily wake up from sleep, become saturated with oxygen and acquire the energy supply necessary for a fruitful working day.

A short lesson contains the most effective elements of the cycle, dispersing the Chi throughout the body.

Charge from the morning cycle 20 minutes

Unlike a short 10-minute warm-up, this version of the morning session is complemented by some auxiliary elements: push-ups, stretching, activation of the spinal compartments. Lee complicated the practice by requiring maximum mental concentration, the requirement for a complete reunification of spirituality and physicality.

Lee Holden Complex Exercises

All the exercises of the famous master’s complex are absolutely simple and do not require special training on the part of the practitioner.

For a better understanding of the essence and the technical aspect, we will give examples of some of the basic gymnastics elements of Lee Holden’s morning complex:

Knocking on the door of life

Starting position: standing upright, with your legs shoulder-width apart. The hands, neck and back should be completely relaxed. Swinging movements are performed from side to side, the hands hit the abdominal cavity or the lower back.

The blows should not bring pain, their task is to stimulate biologically active points, which are responsible for the physical and mental health of the body.

The duration of the exercise depends on the time available to the student, but not less than 1 minute.


There are 2 variants of this exercise in various parts of the program. They are similar to each other, but still slightly different. In the morning exercise, “Tiger” is performed as follows: deep breath – hands go up with all their might, exhale – go down simultaneously bending the knees.

The pelvis is pulled back until it reaches a line parallel to the floor. The exercise should be done at an extremely slow pace, without sudden movements. The depth of the squats depends only on the capabilities of the trainees. The ideal option is the squat technique described above, however, even superficial squats will give a positive result in strengthening the legs, glutes and normalizing kidney activity.

According to Lee, exercise unleashes the tiger energy that lurks in everyone.

Qi massage

The Holden technique includes elements of massage that promote the functioning of the internal organs. These massage movements are aimed at improving the health of the kidneys, whose health is the real cause of longevity.

The exercise consists of lightly tapping the kidney area. then connect the rest of the body: legs (outer and inner sides), thighs, calves. Then the transition to the upper part is made: abdomen, chest, neck, arms.

The final stage is the pounding of the chest with the fists. This exercise strengthens the immune system and awakens powerful vitality.

Buddha holds the earth

The hands are closed in the hands to form a circle, rise upwards, behind the head and then gently lower. To achieve the desired efficiency, it is extremely important to control the depth and rhythm of inhalation, exhalation, because this element specifically refers to breathing techniques.

Tame the tiger, go back to the mountain

Starting position: standing, arms along the body. Then the hands slowly separate and return to their place, stand up, move forward, visualize the drawing of a circle, return to their original position. Exercise requires maximum focus on releasing negative energy, relaxation, control over breathing technique.


Standing on the floor, the legs are brought together. The right hand is raised and relaxed, the second is placed in the abdominal area. The raised hand describes a semicircle, making a movement from the bottom up.

When the hand is up, the palm straightens, moves towards the chest and goes down to the stomach. The same manipulations must be carried out with the second hand.

The final stage is the complete relaxation of the body in a standing position with both hands in the Sea of ​​Chi.

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