Men’s CrossFit Workout Program at the Gym and at Home

CrossFit  is a true men’s sport that requires strength, endurance, responsiveness, and self-discipline. In order to ultimately achieve overwhelming results, the men’s training program is grouped in a certain way. The fundamental principles of strength sports must be observed, namely: separation, consistency, consistency and diversity. Otherwise, progress in this sport will slow down significantly.

Crossfit training program for men

What is CrossFit?

A distinctive feature of this type of training is the continuous, high-intensity replacement of one exercise for another. The components of CrossFit are:

  • Body-building.
  • Physical aptitude.
  • Track and field athletics.
  • Kettlebell lifting.
  • Classical gymnastics.
  • Weightlifting.

Typical training may include rowing, sprinting, weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, kettlebells), rope climbing, gym rings, and rolling oversized tires.

It is recommended that a qualified instructor supervise CrossFit classes, at least until the student has mastered the main elements. Under their guidance, you will learn to work with a comfortable heart rate, correct exercise performance, fast recovery, and will be able to determine your body’s needs. Your instructor will lay the foundation for strength and functional training that you can do yourself. CrossFit is not that easy. Workouts are not random, there are many things to consider!

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CrossFit4722 Review. Is CrossFit Really A “Killer Workout”? Feedback.Guru checked it myself.

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We visited the only affiliated CrossFit gym, for a minute, in Belgorod. And before knowing everything in detail, I had to sweat a lot (literally and figuratively).

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CrossFit is a branded fitness system created by Greg Glassman, a retired gymnast from California and registered as a trademark by CrossFit, Inc. Greg began developing his program more than 20 years ago. And he opened his first crossfit gym in 2001 in California, promoting his method to athletes and holding several seminars. Workouts include elements of high intensity interval training, weightlifting, plyometrics, weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell lifting, strongman exercise, running, and others. Today, there are more than 13,000 affiliated CrossFit gyms around the world, involving hundreds of thousands of people.

It can be considered that in this sense, “civilization” has finally reached Belgorod in the person of the gym “CrossFit 4722”, because in Russia such centers are located mainly in large cities. We arrived at a training session for beginners and were able to appreciate from our own experience all the delights and difficulties of this type of training.

A place

In the basement of one of the commercial buildings there is a quite spacious and elegantly decorated lobby. There are plenty of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity, and since the Energomash stop is easily accessible from almost anywhere in the city, it won’t be difficult to get there by taxi either.

parking near the Energomash business center
The entrance to the hall is in the courtyard of the business center. In the lobby, the guard will tell you how to get through. The sign on the door also serves as a landmark.

entrance to the hall Crossfit4722
After climbing the stairs and into the hall itself, until you are blinded by the pumped-up bodies gleaming here and there, turn right at the reception desk or left if heading to the changing rooms. As for the women’s wardrobe, it cannot be said that here are the most comfortable lockers in the world, but it is essential to lock them (take the administrator’s key) and hang things on the “hangers”.A shower room is also available. True, no cabins.

Then we go into the room: there are many different teams. Some will be familiar to you, others will seem unusual. The trainer will tell you more about why all of this is necessary and how it is applied.

CrossFit4722 gym

  • What is the essence

By the way, the discipline here is quite strict. Don’t be late if you don’t want to complete additional tasks. Classes are always taught in groups and with a coach. This is the essence of CrossFit, therefore if you want to train on your own without the supervision of a mentor, it is better to buy a subscription to a gym.

Why group classes with a coach? This is explained by the details of the sports management, its philosophy. Each training day has its own program (workouts of the day, WOD). The whole team must do it under the clock on the wall (each at their own pace). By the way, there can be 5-10 people in a group. These are mixed gender teams. The trainer supervises the technique of the exercise and, of course, will not let you fool you. However, you will not be allowed to overload the body in the first few workouts either. Running from the start is not the most competent tactic.

In addition, group classes are convenient, because each team, according to the schedule, occupies a certain area of ​​the room, so no one waits for their turn in the simulator. As explained to us here, CrossFit is a unique sports direction that allows you to comprehensively develop your body’s strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance. At the same time, it is suitable for both experienced athletes and beginners or even people with some health limitations.

On this subject, it is worth commenting: yes, people who have suffered serious injuries and have undergone surgery are busy in the gym, but the coach decides whether or not to “take” you. It is quite possible to deal with some diseases, with others: heavy loads are contraindicated, therefore, in the first lesson, it is worth honestly admitting to the mentor the uncomfortable sensations that arise in the course of classes, and also talking about the presence of diseases. It is also worth noting that the contract that is concluded stipulates your responsibility for your own health. By the way, CrossFit policy does not allow coaches to be doctors as well. A strict distinction based on qualifications is assumed. A coach is a coach, performs workouts and helps to perform exercises as efficiently and safely as possible. At the same time, have knowledge in the field of anatomy and other areas.

  • In my own skin

After changing clothes, we turn to the coach, who deals specifically with beginners. Artur Abdulsaidov did a joint warm-up with us, and then a general warm-up. I must say that the pace of the warm-up was quite intense so it might be difficult for someone at this stage. But we knew where we were going and that CrossFit was not for the weak and, having gathered the will into a fist, we moved on to the next phase.

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group training
When the heart pumped blood through the body faster, they began to exercise with their own weight. They taught us how to squat correctly without damaging the knees and spine, explained some concepts, talked about the types of squats, and taught us how to deadlift. Then there were a series of squats, deadlifts, and push-ups. Everyone performed it at their own pace, but there was also an element of competition. Many will also attribute this to the benefits of CrossFit. By the way, if you are going to be seriously involved in sports, be sure to document your accomplishments. In a special notebook you need to keep statistics: how many repetitions of the exercise and how long it was carried out. This is a prerequisite for personal advancement. Although, compared to training in other gyms, this is not mandatory everywhere. The next step for beginners was stretching: the inhabitants of this gym must do it at the end of each workout. This “pull” allows you to develop flexibility and relax after a busy session. We were immediately warned: abruptly ending active training and taking a horizontal position is fraught with disorders of the cardiovascular system. Better to walk a little, stretch, give the pulse time to return to normal. Abruptly ending active training and taking a horizontal position is fraught with disorders of the cardiovascular system. Better to walk a little, stretch, give the pulse time to return to normal. Abruptly ending active training and taking a horizontal position is fraught with disorders of the cardiovascular system. Better to walk a little, stretch, give the pulse time to return to normal.

  • Team spirit

It should be noted that a special spirit reigns in the palaces of this crossfit kingdom. It could probably be called team one, or rather friendly. It is very nice to be in the company of people who love sports, many live it, are willing to support you and rejoice for your successes, share experiences and encourage you at the right time. And of course everyone is smiling, laughing and joking. If you are a beginner and fear gloomy and scary athletes, you have nothing to fear here. And also Belgorod crossfitters go to competitions together and take their own internal ‘exams’, where they pass the standards and receive bracelets as a sign of their protected title. Each client of the salon is given a gray bracelet, as a sign of belonging to the club. After such examinations, fans don a yellow armband, more experienced athletes flaunt red and black armbands. So accidentally wand

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