The best training programs to burn fat

Effective fitness classes can be group or individual. While losing weight with other people, the athlete gains additional motivation, striving to surpass the successes of his classmates.

But when you exercise alone with a fitness instructor, more attention is paid to a person and the training program is adjusted to their physiological characteristics and the goal that has been set. By understanding the particularities of group training, the athlete will be able to make the correct decision about the suitability of this type of training in his particular case.

Group Fitness Weight Loss Benefits

Group fitness classes, like other types of physical activity, have advantages and disadvantages.

Group fitness classes to lose weight. Benefits, exercises, videos

Among the positive aspects of this type of training are:

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  • A host of pre-developed fitness programs designed for any fitness level. Since the vast majority of fitness clubs practice several areas of activity, an athlete can try all possible options before determining the most suitable for himself. In addition, for effective weight loss, it is also helpful to combine several types of physical activity of varying intensity.
  • It is not necessary to develop an individual training program and its periodic correction in the future, based on the results already obtained by the athlete. The only thing that is required of the visitor to the group fitness classes is to arrive on time to the training, having enough strength to perform the exercises demonstrated by the trainer.
  • Additional motivation. It is more difficult for a thin person to stop playing sports or start doing exercises “on the floor of the legs” if other members of the group show more evident results from their workouts.
  • The opportunity to receive a load during group fitness for beginners or people who have a number of frivolous contraindications to sports. Most group fitness destinations are aimed at people with low or moderate fitness levels. This will allow those who are just starting to lose weight to explore their own body’s capabilities and understand what type of load is best for them.


Body Sculpt is a strength lesson that contains exercises to strengthen the largest muscle groups. A lesson for any fitness level. The duration of the lesson is 55 minutes. Various strength exercises help strengthen muscles and reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat.

The program focuses more on exercising the muscles of the legs and glutes. Unlike standard strength training, BS combines resistance, stretching, and aerobic exercises. Classes are held at a more relaxed pace, exercises are performed more slowly. Due to the principle of interval training, endurance and muscle mass are developed.

In addition, the characteristics of this type of fitness include:

  • Group training consists of three parts that complement each other, including warm-up, strength training with weights, and stretching;
  • warming up is necessary to warm up the muscles, prepare for strength training, and reduce the risk of injury;
  • the power part is the main one, it allows you to give a relief to the muscles, it is done with dumbbells, dumbbells and other weights;
  • stretching is the final stage of training aimed at relieving muscle tension.

The combination of different types of physical activity allows you to achieve high results.

Types of fitness

Group fitness classes are of various types and orientations.

classes to lose weight. The most effective type is the modeler.

To lose weight, the most effective are:

Type of fitness Short description
Bodyflex Respiratory gymnastics, consisting of exercises with the diaphragm. The essence of such complexes lies in the large-scale saturation of the body’s cells with oxygen, which is actively involved in the process of burning fat. With the help of regular body exercises, you can not only reduce body fat, but also significantly improve muscle tone and tighten the skin in problem areas, without causing the formation of stretch marks. Within this type of fitness, exercise is also classified as:

  • isometric (study directed at a group of muscles);
  • isotonic (the load involves several groups of muscles at the same time);
  • stretching (exercises designed to relax and stretch “clogged” muscles).
Exercise Intensive type of training, which involves performing gymnastic exercises with a minimal set of sports equipment. Weight loss in this case occurs due to the alternation of types of loads (cardiovascular and strength training). Training is generally classified into 2 subspecies:

  • “Street training” (this is more of a performance demonstration, requiring an athlete physically prepared to perform complex tricks);
  • “Ghetto training” (the essence of this type of training is to gradually increase the time a person loses weight in a static position that involves a specific muscle group).
Pilates A low intensity form of fitness that combines static loading, stretching, breathing exercises, and elements of yoga. With regular Pilates exercises, the most obvious weight loss results can be achieved in the lower abdomen, sides, and waist. This type of fitness is aimed exclusively at shaping the female figure and maintaining the general tone of the body, and not at developing muscle mass.
Training This type of fitness is suitable for people of all ages. It is about performing rhythmic gymnastics in a strictly defined order, which allows, depending on the athlete’s objective, to achieve an anabolic (increase in muscle mass through strength training) or catabolic (the main objective of this type of exercise is active weight loss). .
Aerobics An effective method of eliminating subcutaneous fat using high intensity cardiovascular loads (running, jumping, squats at a fast pace). This type of fitness is not suitable for people suffering from disorders in the functioning of the cardiovascular system (arrhythmia, tachycardia, hypertension).
Crossfit This type of training aims to increase the resistance of the athlete and improve their physical condition. These high intensity exercises combine strength training and cardio, so that after 4-5 weeks of regular exercise, the athlete will be able to achieve a decrease in body fat and then replace it with muscle mass.

What are fitness aerobics?

Some sports not only help maintain good physical shape, but also give a boost of liveliness and energy. These include aerobic exercises for weight loss. Regular exercise in this sport helps to accelerate metabolism, correct problem areas of the body, burn calories, cleanse the body of excess fluids and harmful substances. The exercises are very useful to lose weight, they involve a careful study of the abdomen and thighs.
The author of sports aerobics is Georges Demeny. This French professor and physiologist developed his own method at the beginning of the 20th century. In his studies, Georges Demeny emphasized that to increase efficiency and endurance, it is very effective to perform rhythmic movements cyclically. The term “aerobics” was coined by Dr. Kenneth Cooper of the United States in 1960. It comes from the Greek word “aero”, whose Russian equivalent is “air”. Aerobics are a set of exercises that combines rhythmic body movements with breathing exercises.

Pros and cons

Music fitness for weight loss has a number of advantages that make it significantly more popular than many other sports. Main advantages:

  1. If you practice at home on your own, you can personally choose the optimal time for training, its duration and a series of exercises.
  2. Exercising regularly can help you lose weight.
  3. You don’t have to buy any complicated equipment or projectiles to train.
  4. Aerobics help strengthen bone tissue and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.
  5. The workouts are done with rhythmic music. Thanks to this, during them, the mood, general well-being improves. Fitness to lose weight helps fight depression and stress.
  6. The exercises are aimed at strengthening muscles and eliminating cellulite.
  7. Aerobic fitness exercises have a positive effect on the condition of the heart, blood vessels, and organs of the respiratory system.
  8. Exercise helps build endurance, strengthen immunity, gain energy and strength, and reduce fatigue.
  9. During exercise, you must breathe properly so that the body receives more oxygen. This will help speed up metabolism and blood circulation, remove toxins and toxins.

Aerobic exercises for weight loss have a number of disadvantages, like any sport. What are the disadvantages:

  1. Gymnastics has contraindications. Before exercising to lose weight, consult your doctor, make sure that exercise does not harm your body.
  2. Approximately 400 kcal burned in one hour of training. There are many sports in which a significantly higher energy expenditure is provided, which means faster weight loss.
  3. Group classes are not suitable for everyone due to different fitness levels. Many people find it difficult to keep up with the pace set by the instructor. Some lag behind, while others, on the contrary, lack intensity.

Fitness aerobics


Moderate exercise is helpful for most people, but there are some that are off-limits for weight loss. Care must be taken when choosing this sport during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. Contraindications to fitness aerobics are:

  • advanced age;
  • any chronic disease in the acute stage;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • recently received a traumatic brain injury;
  • hypertension;
  • recent heart attacks, strokes;
  • viral diseases, the recovery period after them;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • phlebeurysm.

Fitness options

Group fitness classes will be effective for weight loss only if the direction of training is correctly selected for a particular person, based on their physical condition, initial data, and existing health restrictions.

It is important for an athlete to navigate 2 main questions:

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  • what to look for when choosing the direction of group fitness classes;
  • how to decide on an exercise program for weight loss.

The first step in choosing the type of training should be a visit to the test room, located in the vast majority of gyms. After questioning the client, the medical worker will perform basic procedures to determine human health status.

Group fitness classes to lose weight. Benefits, exercises, videos

At the end of his examination, the specialist will give the beginner recommendations on the type of physical condition, with the help of which he will be able to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

When evaluating the sports direction proposed by the doctor, it is important that those who are losing weight pay attention to:

  • The level of training of the main composition of the group. If the group was formed a long time ago, then most of its members are already familiar with the exercises and practice in a more complicated way.
  • Professionalism of a fitness instructor. The coach must be attentive to each member of the group, try to monitor the athletes’ compliance with the exercise technique, answer the questions that arise, and also understand the basic concepts of physiology to be competent enough to develop a program of training. .Group fitness classes to lose weight. Benefits, exercises, videos
  • Lesson program  The training time should be as convenient as possible to lose weight. Otherwise, you will periodically have to skip classes, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of charges.


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