Want to build muscle? Use one of these workouts


Sometimes exercise has to be approached like a puzzle. If your goal is to increase strength or muscle size, you need to constantly find new methods to challenge your muscles. Alternatively, you can use drop sets.

Drop sets are one method you can use in training to stimulate muscle growth.

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What are drop sets?

Like supersets (when you do two exercises back to back), drop sets are one of many ways to structure your workout to get more muscle-building benefits from the exercises you do. Especially when your progress is already evident.

A drop set is when you perform a weighted exercise for as many repetitions as possible based on the fitness you are in. This is followed by a rest and then another repetition, but with a lighter weight.

Let’s say you are doing a biceps curl with 10kg dumbbells. First, you do as many reps as you can with the selected weight. Then you drop these dumbbells and pick up, for example, 5kg dumbbells. You then perform the exercise until you can do one more repetition.

How drop sets help you build muscle mass

Drop sets are one strategy you can use to stimulate muscle growth. When you do a fatigue exercise, your muscle glycogen (the energy source of your muscles) is depleted, which creates damage to your muscle fibres. As a result, the body repairs these damaged fibres, making them larger and stronger.

Drop sets are also a way to increase overall workout volume, says Henry Halse, a strength and conditioning specialist in New York City, USA. Workout volume is the number of reps you do, multiplied by the weight you use, multiplied by the number of sets you perform.

By adding more volume to your training regimen, you will increase your muscle growth. It’s true. The science goes like this: muscle hypertrophy increases as your total workout volume increases, according to a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise.

Incorporating drop sets also helps improve muscle building. Technically, muscle ‘tone’ is the state of the muscles when they are in a half-bent state. Drop-sets can help to increase the motor activity of your muscles.

How to incorporate drop sets into your workout

The beauty of drop sets is that you can perform them with almost any exercise, whether you’re using trainers, dumbbells or barbells. However, they’re definitely the easiest for weight training, says Hulse. Ideally, your rest should be as short as possible, so you should keep a lighter set of dumbbells on hand.

When you integrate drop sets into your workout, you usually plan them for the last exercise, says Hulse. The aim is to bring the muscles to full fatigue, so technically you shouldn’t be able to perform drop sets one after the other.

“Ideally you should only use one drop set per workout because this technique exhausts the muscles,” he says. “Drop sets are used at the end of a workout because they are really tiring and can take all your energy.”

While drop sets aren’t dangerous in themselves, try to keep an eye on your form. Performing drop sets with poor posture or a focus on momentum will not produce the desired results. In addition, the risk of injury increases as your muscles tire.

Try this biceps drop set

For your next upper body workout, try this biceps drop set. At first, perform a biceps flexion (twist) with a moderate weight. Then switch to lighter dumbbells and do as many “hammers” as possible.

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