Water to lose weight: when, how much and what type of water to drink

When all the known diets have been tried, but the desired result has not been achieved, you can try the world famous method on yourself that will help you lose weight and also cleanse the body. This method was proposed by the American naturopath Paul Bragg. Fasting is, according to the author, the key to body health and rapid weight loss. Paul Bragg promoted the use of his own method for health purposes and has applied it successfully to himself. His teaching spread throughout the world.

Water fasting 7 days, reviews, results

It has long been proven that a person can live without food for about a month, so don’t worry, you won’t face starvation. Enough has been written about fasting on water (7 days). The reviews, the results, it must be said, are impressive. In the same article, the information will be considered in more detail for those who are ready to starve for the sake of gaining a slender figure.

What actually happens in a food rejection situation with the human body? What is the correct way to starve in water? How long does such a diet last? How to get out of it correctly? We will answer your questions.

Water fasting (7 days): reviews, results

Don’t think that a day or two of fasting will immediately save you extra pounds. With a brief refusal of food, you can only lose a little weight. In this case, the fat will not disappear, but the excess fluid, which is always found in large quantities in the body of overweight people.

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Two or three days of fasting will not have the same effect as a longer refusal to eat (at least a week). Judging by the reviews, the weight disappears faster in the first two days, then the body adapts to the new conditions, and the fat reserve is already spent more economically. The number of kilograms you can get rid of cannot be determined in advance. Each person is different, in addition, it all depends on how long you can maintain that diet. Based on the results of people who have tried this method on themselves, it can be seen that it is consumed around one kilogram per day.

Therapeutic fasting

What is the use of water?

People are advised to drink more liquid due to the fact that the human body consists of 2/3 of it. It is a diuretic and solvent, cleanses the intestines of toxins, participates in metabolism and delivers them to cells. Water also helps maintain muscle tone and reduces sodium.

Important! Nutritionists recommend drinking water before meals. This will avoid overeating. Also, you should drink it 2 hours later, if the food was high in calories.

If you do not drink enough water, all the important processes in the body will slow down, for example, the exchange of energy. Its deficiency manifests itself in the form of cellulite and extra centimeters, because it is not possible to effectively dissolve fat deposits. Due to the fact that the body has to save water, extra pounds and bloating appear.

What can you drink besides water?

Nothing. You can only drink clean water, preferably spring water. The use of juices, herbal teas, teas and other liquids is strictly prohibited, as they can interfere with the cleansing processes that occur in the body during fasting.

In hot weather, you can drink cold water, but in the cold season it is better to use warm or slightly hot water. It is that a couple of days after the start of the hunger strike, the body begins to cool down, and the cold water only intensifies the chills.

Fasting week


External ways to use water for weight loss
  • All kinds of saunas, including Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, etc.
  • Pool, swim with load and on time
  • Hot and cold shower

It is better to accompany the bath procedures with peeling and massage, so that you can reduce the weight in one visit to 2 kg. Cold water in a contrast shower puts the body into a state of shock, which contributes to faster weight loss.

A simple and affordable way to lose weight for the New Year with the help of water is worth adopting, especially since many do not want to abandon their usual diet at all, or if suddenly proper nutrition and exercise are not helping to reduce weight. .

We will be happy to hear your comments and questions about what type of water is best to drink for weight loss.

How to drink water to lose weight? 3 secrets of the world’s nutritionists

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One day of fasting in the water

Fasting for a day in water practically does not hide any danger to the body. You can practice it at least every week. You just need to choose for yourself a certain day that is right for you and give your body a break from eating.

This practice will soothe the digestive system and aid its recovery. Is it possible to lose weight with this regimen? It depends on you. If, after a hungry day, you greedily pounce on food, not sorting what’s on your plate, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to lose weight. At the same time, the observance of moderation in the diet the day after the hunger strike will gradually lead you to the desired result.

How to drink to lose weight

To achieve the desired result, you must drink the healing liquid correctly. Do not think that if you consume a lot of water, 5-6 liters a day, you will lose weight faster. This approach is wrong. Furthermore, it is even dangerous for the body. It will increase the stress on the kidneys, heart and liver. Therefore, a measure is needed everywhere.

Below are the basic rules for proper weight loss:

  1. After waking up, you should drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. This will reduce your calorie intake by 13% during meals (3). In addition, you help the body to wake up and start all the important processes for normal life.
  2. You should drink water 20-30 minutes before each meal. It is best to drink no more than 1 glass of liquid at a time. If you drink a lot of water, your stomach will stretch. And this will lead to an increase in the amount of food consumed. If you are very thirsty, drink a glass of water and, after 10 minutes, a second.
  3. Drink slowly: In small sips, you can even use a straw.

how to drink water to lose weight

  1. Do not drink water while eating or immediately after eating. Wait 15-20 minutes and only after that, recharge with a refreshing drink.
  2. Keep fluid intake to a minimum before bedtime. This will allow you to get enough sleep, not endlessly running to the bathroom and not puffing up your eyes in the morning.
  3. Remember to drink water while you exercise. In fact, with physical exertion, a lot of fluid is lost. If not replenished, dehydration can occur.

Put some bottles or cups of water around the apartment. This will make it easier to remember what to drink, rather than rushing to the fridge for fast carbs. I myself apply this rule and it helps me. And in the kitchen there is always a jug of boiled water. He has already developed a habit: you go to the kitchen, you pour yourself a glass

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