What is the “sports dream” and why is it so important?

Did you know that our muscles do not grow during training, but after? Yes later. When we walk around town, lay back on the bed and most importantly, go to sleep! That’s why proper rest after exercise is especially important.

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Rest is essential for muscle growth

In addition, for muscle growth, it is necessary for the body to lower the level of cortisol after training, a substance that destroys muscle tissue.

Lack of rest after exercise can lead to muscle breakdown and poor health. During classes, a neuromuscular connection forms, and if the system is overloaded, activity and efficiency decrease.

Different load – different rest

Human muscles need rest, as under severe stress, muscle tissue receives many microtrauma and loses its supply of glycogen, the glucose necessary for nutrition.

The recovery period is 24 to 48 hours.

Of course, there are general rules of thumb for resting after exercise. To allow the body to recover as quickly as possible, first of all, it is necessary to replenish the loss of fluid.

Different sports require different rest because they involve different muscle groups. Therefore, when jogging, most of the load goes to the knee joints, as well as the gluteal and calf muscles. When doing the most popular types of fitness, the areas of the shoulders, hips and lower legs are the most affected.

Therefore, after sports, the greatest rest is required for the target muscle group.

Special recreation for athletes

Sportletica mattresses are a new product created especially for athletes. We know how important rest and recovery is after exercise.

The Sportletica mattress collection is predominantly created from embossed hard fillings and correct zoning to achieve the main goal of micro-release of muscle tone and massage effect during sleep.

In addition, we understand that athletes and swimmers need a DIFFERENT rest.

Sportletica’s “Expert” line includes mattress models, each of which is adapted for people who are professionally engaged in a particular sport. Soccer players, athletes, swimmers, cyclists, wrestlers, figure skaters can easily select a mattress that is optimal in terms of active zone distribution in this line. In these models, special support is provided precisely to those areas that have the greatest stress during training: shoulders, legs, hips – for the “Fit” model, shins, feet – for the “Run” models, shoulders, back – for the model swimmer «Swim» and shoulders, back, hips, shins, feet for models for those who are engaged in powerlifting «Power».

You’ve probably heard of sportswear, footwear and sports nutrition, and Mattresses Sportletica has created sports sleeping mattresses!

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